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Previct Gambling — digital support for gambling addicts

Presenting the next generation of digital tools for dependency treatment

Why we developed Previct Gambling

Pathological gambling is a rampant problem in today’s society and affects people from all walks of life.

The team at Kontigo Care wants to free people from the harmful effects of dependency and addiction.


Previct Gambling is a unique digital tool for treatment and preventive care for people addicted to gambling.


Our user-friendly AI-based solution provides the caregiver with a unique knowledge of the patient and is designed to help the caregiver more easily build an effective treatment plan. Receiving real-time data, the caretaker is able to identify relapses at an early stage and provide better care.



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How Previct Gambling works

Starting treatment

The patient is given access to Kontigo Care’s user-friendly application.

Daily follow-ups

The patient sends daily feedback and answers a few questions on gambling. In order to reinforce positive behavior, the patient receives support and reminders to perform certain tasks and routines.

Real-time analysis

Featuring an easy-to-understand interface, the therapist is warned of behavioral anomalies so that the patient can be contacted immediately in order to prevent a relapse.

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