Kontigo Care — Tomorrow’s addiction care today

We are Kontigo Care, a company that has embraced and packaged the latest innovations in IT, engineering and Life Science into user-friendly applications

Kontigo Care is the winner of several prestigious awards

Kontigo Care

The company is listed on NASDAQ First North since 2015. We are agile, curious and visionary. As our name suggests — “contigo” means “with you” in Spanish — we want to be a natural part of people’s lives in the future.


At the core of our solutions is a cloud-based platform with artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive capabilities. The uniqueness of the company’s platform enables diagnosis, treatment and aftercare remotely. Our eHealth innovations are gradually becoming a central part of tomorrow’s treatment of addiction and dependency.


Det här är Previct

Previct ett unikt och lättanvänt digitalt e-hälsosystem med realtidsinformation som med avancerad AI och beteendeanalys kan identifiera återfall, skapa individanpassad vård och möjliggör motivation på distans samt stöd att skapa positiva beteendemönster.

Systemet är utvecklat i samarbete med vården och ledande forskare.

Our Team

We, the team at Kontigo Care, are proud to have developed this platform in close cooperation with healthcare professionals — making it available to more than a million people and healthcare providers in Sweden.

Quality and safety are important to us and we are ISO certified according to ISO 13485: 2016.

The key to successful rehabilitation is sobriety during and after treatment. Using Kontigo Care technology, the patient is able to receive personalized treatment that can be utilized in the safety and privacy of his/her own home environment. A solution from Kontigo Care is not a substitute for treatment — it supports and enhances existing treatment.


Our platform

One of the biggest challenges in addiction treatment is relapses. The Kontigo Care platform has predictive capabilities, which means that a relapse can be identified early and, in some cases, completely prevented. The result is substantial savings for caregivers and the avoidance of further stress on patients and their loved ones.


If you look closely at our logo, you will see a hummingbird: a small bird with an enormous capacity.  We find this fitting for Kontigo Care — it is a symbol for our values, our beliefs and our ambitions for the future. Air is the hummingbird’s true element, and is often associated with intelligence, thought processes, higher-order logic and a holistic approach. The hummingbird is also associated with freedom, hopes for the future and the ability to make the impossible possible.


The future is eHealth.