Winner of the 2018 eHealth Award

eHealth Company of the Year

Next-generation AI-based dependency treatment

Kontigo Care has revolutionized dependency treatment with Previct, a digital tool that enables real-time analysis and can help predict relapses

Kontigo Care is the winner of several prestigious awards
We are very proud and grateful that our project aiming at detecting illicit drugs with the mobile phone have been awarded Horizon 2020 grants.
Co-funded by the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union

Kontigo Care wins the 2018 eHealth Award

Kontigo Care is the winner of the 2018 eHealth Award. This award is based on “Vision for eHealth 2015″ a vision formulated by the Swedish government and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions: Sweden will be the world leader in using eHealth technology by 2025.

The award ceremony was held at the Vitalis conference in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Predicting relapses in real-time using AI

Previct is a unique and user-friendly digital eHealth system that analyzes trends in behavior patterns and predicts relapses in real-time using proprietary AI and behavioral analysis methods. Previct simplifies therapy and preventive care in dependency treatment.

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Medical technology
Previct Alcohol is a medical technology device made in Sweden — both software and hardware. Developed in close cooperation with leaders in the caregiver industry.
Real-time analysis
The patient checks in daily and the data is analyzed in real-time by our AI-based cloud service. If there are any deviations in behavior, the caregiver is notified immediately.
Tools for modern times
Featuring an easy-to-understand modern interface, the caregiver is alerted to behavioral changes so that he or she can contact the patient immediately in order to prevent a relapse.

Preventing relapses

Using AI-based technology to make predictions and identify anomalies in behavior, Previct enables the caregiver to detect relapses in real-time — sometimes before they even happen. With these unique and immediate insights on the individual, healthcare professionals can more effectively customize treatment for each individual patient.

Previct Alcohol

Previct Alcohol can be used as a complementary support tool for treatment and assessment of alcohol abuse. By using Previct Alcohol, the caregiver can access unique and relevant data about the patient’s current state, provide better care and identify relapses at an early stage.


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Previct Gambling

Previct Gambling is a unique eHealth system for treatment and preventive care of people addicted to gambling.

Using our solutions, the caregiver gains insight about the patient’s behavior in a home environment. The treatment is designed to meet the needs of the patient and enables more efficient care. Data is provided in real-time, enabling the caregiver to spot anomalies in the patient’s behavior pattern at an early stage and to provide remote support to help the patient make positive, long-term changes in his or her behavior.


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Positive experiences

We have had some very positive results using the tool in our day-to-day operations. Sure, there have been occasional relapses, but thanks to the tool’s capacity for rapid analysis and communication, we have been able to address these setbacks at an early stage. We have even had some users express concerns about a future life without access to Previct.

Social Services, Tranås municipality, Sweden

Pleased with Previct.

I have seen excellent results using Previct for a patient with Asperger syndrome. Previct is used as a complement to normal therapy sessions. The patient told me that Previct “kills” the urge to drink and makes his/her impulsive side manageable.

Luthagen Outpatient Clinic, Uppsala, Sweden

Focus on customized treatment

We focus on individual needs and treatment in a home environment. Using eHealth products, we are able to more effectively analyze the patient’s past, his/her current state of being and what might happen if no action is taken. This gives us the information we need to provide more proficient care on a daily basis and results in more long-term positive changes.

Motala municipality, Sweden

What is Previct?

Previct is a unique and easy-to-use digital e-health system that uses real-time information and insight, advanced AI and behavioral analysis to help identify and even predict relapses, create personalize treatment, reinforce positive behavior patterns and provide remote motivational therapy.

This system is the result of a collaboration between medical professionals and leading members of the scientific community.


Real-time analysis